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Local Area Network (LAN) / WLAN Trainer

Local Area Network (LAN)/ Wireless LAN Trainer is a multipurpose lab system designed for Network Lab experimentation.

The trainer comes with experiments built for easy set up and quick understanding, yet comprehensive in coverage. Built as per IEEE standards the trainer brings you the latest in technology.

The LAN trainer comes integrated with custom software – LT soft, developed for optimized performance. The software allows for understanding of performance metrics at user defined levels. Detailed packet level information is provided to the user in real time to facilitate across-the-board performance analysis.

The protocols supported include:

  • Ethernet – IEEE 802.3
  • Wireless LAN – IEEE 802.11 b
  • Token Bus - IEEE 802.4
  • Token Ring- IEEE 802.5

Transmission flow control algorithms supported

  • Stop & Wait
  • Go Back N
  • Selective Repeat

Other special features include

  • File transfer - Modeled as IEFT RFC 959
  • Variation of error Probabilities
  • Performance metrics at Application and Network levels including throughput, delay and protocol overheads
  • Analysis with graphing and export to spread sheets